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I’m from England, France, Germany – you name it, Altruss is located elsewhere – will it work?

Absolutely, Altruss operates within the EU, making export/import processes easier than ever. With no VAT in exports, unified invoices, and convenient payment methods such as PayPal or SWIFT, conducting transactions feels as seamless as shopping at a local grocery store. If you’ve never tried importing before, now is an excellent opportunity!

Language barriers are not an issue, as Altruss communicates fluently in English, Russian, Polish, and German. Even if English isn’t your preferred language (I’m onto you, French folks), we can utilize tools like Google Translate or even hire an interpreter if needed. Our goal is to ensure clear communication and understanding throughout the process.

With 8 years of experience exporting to various European markets, including Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Norway, Altruss has built a solid reputation for reliability and quality. We tailor static calculations to comply with Eurocode and its local extensions, providing documentation customized to your market’s regulations.

For product certification, our partner company Rolstal ensures we can provide all necessary proof of quality, including TUV, GSI-SLV, and marine certificates. We adhere to ISO 3834 and ISO 1090 norms, and if further certification is required, we offer bolted versions that only require a “CE” declaration.

Our customer service operates from 7:00 AM to 20:00 PM CET via email, Skype, and phone, ensuring prompt assistance and support. Regarding installation and transportation, small quantities or single units are sent via courier services or online dispatch markets like Timo.com. For larger loads, we provide dedicated transportation and can even arrange installation by our team anywhere in Europe to meet your needs.