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Most Significant Masts and Towers
Installations by Altruss //PART2

T1000-30 Steel Truss Tower – for the Military (PL)

Altruss was commissioned to construct a 30-meter-high steel tower, hot-dip galvanized, in the northern region of Poland, within the military training ground of Drawsko Pomorskie. This comprehensive project entailed commencing with foundation work before proceeding to tower assembly, all executed seamlessly by the Alupro/Altruss team.

M500-12 Wall Mounted Mast for FMS Internetservices (DE)

In 2019, we were tasked with designing and manufacturing a wall-mounted radiolink mast for Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt in Nürtingen-Geislingen. Our team meticulously prepared, welded, and shipped all the components necessary for the project. The installation was seamlessly executed by the client’s team.

M750-14 wall mounted aluminum mast on fire tower in Losheim for Intersaar GmbH (DE)

We undertook a fascinating project in southern Germany, tasked with erecting a 14-meter-high wall-mounted mast atop a 100-year-old fire observation tower. Given the delicate nature of the walls and the mast’s extension of over 10 meters from the upper mount, the project demanded the implementation of sandwich bracings using C-180 steel C-channels both inside and outside the tower. While not without its challenges, this endeavor proved to be both intriguing and rewarding. Situated in the scenic hills of Losheim, our installers were treated to breathtaking views from their vantage point atop the tower.

Small M1000-8 rooftop aluminum tower installation for FMS Internetservices (DE)

Undertaking a basic installation on a lift shaft deck in southern Germany presented its challenges, particularly the task of hoisting the tower structure onto a four-story building and securing it to the roof, which included ensuring proper water protection.

M1000-24 roof-top mounted aluminum lattice mast near Warsaw (PL)

We conducted a straightforward installation on a new building for the Polish Police near Warsaw. The installation involved a 1-meter-wide mast, which is often favored for its internal ladder, significantly facilitating service jobs. To optimize cost efficiency, we utilized a winch and intermediate mast to pull up the structure, thereby saving on crane expenses. Our commitment to cost-effective solutions is always well-received by our clients.

Big M1000-50 lattice aluminum mast installation

This project encompassed both the construction of the foundation using prefabricated concrete blocks and the erection of a substantial 50-meter-high mast, M1000. The provided photos depict various stages of the project, including the placement of the foundation, soil compaction, and the verticalization of the mast.

T1000-9.9 installation in Meppen for Meconet (DE)

We’ve designed this tower specifically for the German market, taking advantage of regulations that exempt structures under 10 meters from the building permission procedure. This compact yet fully-equipped tower offers exceptional value in this market segment. As illustrated, the tower features essential amenities including a climbing ladder, fall arrest system, access restriction hatch, and lightning rod. Leveraging favorable ground conditions, we opted for ground screws as the foundation solution.

This is 16 meters custom tower for the airport in Poland

This is an aluminum quadrotower built atop of flight control This aluminum quadrotower was constructed atop the flight control building at Szymany airport, located in the Mazurian Lakes District of Poland. The unique design, featuring four paws, was meticulously crafted to align with the building’s strong points, particularly its corners, optimizing force distribution. Equipped with internal climbing and cable ladders, a fall arrest system, and inner working hatches, this tower makes a convenient and practical solution.


What our valuable clients say
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“We had been working on our projects between 2014 and 2018. Both: prices and quality were fine”

Thomas Stout

Owner ・ AllgauDSL

“Alupro/Altruss helped us to build 35 m high tower in Saarland. The tower is excellent, although paperwork gave us all a headache!”

Volker Musebrink

Owner・Intersaar GmbH

“We have made several projects together including a small tower on Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen. Process went smoothly.”

Patrick Schaub

Owner・FMS Internetservice GmbH