Design Office


Service Net Price Remarks
  Design on demand 25 Eur/hour   preparing the solution to given problem
  3D modelling 35 Eur/hour
  Technical drawings for the production 30 Eur/hour
  Production on demand (based on clients documentation) 50 Eur/hour  2 welders, 1 ironworker, workshop, machinery
  Mast 3D model access (Altruss products) free   for architects
  Education and support in truss construction free   consultation for architects
  Ekspertyzy rozwiązań kratownicowych, obliczenia statyki od 2 000 PLN   dla biur architektonicznych, budynki
  FEM analysis (Finite Element Method) 50 Eur/hour
  Architectural visualization (pro graphic designer) 80 Eur/hour
  Structural analysis Autodesk Robot 70 Eur/hour   building, machanics,