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Most Significant Masts and Towers
Installations by Altruss //PART3

M1000-28 lattice aluminum mast in Mazovian District (PL)

We recently completed the installation of a 28-meter-high mast for the new Police Station in central Poland. The mast underwent a powder coating process to seamlessly integrate with the main building’s color scheme. This rooftop installation utilized winches instead of a crane due to space constraints. Despite the late autumn weather, characterized by cold temperatures, our team, including Darek Wojciechowski, successfully executed the project with precision.

T1000-28 truss tower installation in Nukirchen Vluyn (DE). Double tower actually.

We were subcontracted to construct two 28-meter-high towers in Nukirchen Vluyn. In this project, we provided comprehensive services, including static calculations for the German planning bureau, tower production, delivery, and final erection. Additionally, we engineered and constructed the foundation using our concrete prefabricates.

Ten M500-28 masts built on beautiful island of Vormsi at Baltic sea (EST)

We secured a contract from Prodigi, an Estonian Internet provider, to establish a network of ten 28-meter-high masts. Our dedicated installation team traveled from Poland, transporting all ten masts efficiently on just two trailers, thanks to meticulous packaging. The installation process spanned eight days, during which our three-person team successfully erected up to two masts daily. We consider this accomplishment a testament to our expertise and efficiency.

T1000-30 tower build in Czech Republic

This project involved a streamlined process where the client prepared the foundations themselves. Altruss transported the tower from our production plant and assembled it swiftly within a single day. The following morning, the tower was effortlessly hoisted into place using winches, marking the completion of our work. This stands as yet another example of the high efficiency demonstrated by our installation team.

T1000-30 Aluminum truss tower with upper working platform – south of Poland.

We successfully secured a tender with the National Forest Service of Poland to construct a communication tower for their newly renovated headquarters near Wroclaw. Our scope of work encompassed everything from project management and obtaining planning permission to tower production and final documentation. Despite encountering hurdles such as delays from the power distributor company in opening our link, we persevered and ultimately delivered a satisfactory outcome, ensuring another satisfied customer.

Yet another T1000-30 lattice tower in central Poland

Our primary client secured a tender to extend internet coverage in rural areas, supported by EU funding. Entrusting us with all heavy infrastructure responsibilities, we swiftly mobilized. In under six months, we erected an impressive total of 10 masts and 4 towers. Despite the demanding workload, our team was dedicated and driven, ultimately completing the project just before the deadline, ensuring successful delivery.


What our valuable clients say
about us

“We had been working on our projects between 2014 and 2018. Both: prices and quality were fine”

Thomas Stout

Owner ・ AllgauDSL

“Alupro/Altruss helped us to build 35 m high tower in Saarland. The tower is excellent, although paperwork gave us all a headache!”

Volker Musebrink

Owner・Intersaar GmbH

“We have made several projects together including a small tower on Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen. Process went smoothly.”

Patrick Schaub

Owner・FMS Internetservice GmbH