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Most Significant Masts and Towers
Installations by Altruss //PART1

Measurement mast M600-100

This massive one-hundred-meter aluminum mast is situated in northern Poland, with installation completed in 2018. Our scope of work for this project encompassed design, handling all formal documentation including planning permission, production, and ultimately, installation.

Signal Tower based on T1000-12 by Altruss

We were tasked with designing a signal tower for the Fire Department in Wielisew, Poland, based on our existing product line. Customized features included a heavy-duty siren top, PA speakers, and antennas for Digiplex. The tower was outfitted with a working hatch, climbing ladder, feeder ladder, and fall arrest system. Additionally, we manufactured the foundation and reinforced anchors to ensure stability and reliability.

M1000-36 on-roof mast for the Fire Brigade

The Altruss team manufactured and installed this sizable M1000 mast in southern Poland. Utilizing 6-meter-long sections facilitated the delivery process, making it manageable even without a lorry. Given the limited space atop the rooftop and to expedite the installation process, we employed an 80-meter-high mobile crane for mounting the mast.

T1800-50 Aluminum Tower – example build

At the close of 2022, AluPro Altruss was commissioned to construct four fifty-meter-high towers in eastern Poland. This significant undertaking encompassed the entire spectrum of work, from design and obtaining building permits to tower production, foundation construction, electrical installations, and the activation of communication equipment. Notably, these towers rank among the largest aluminum structures globally, as steel is typically preferred for taller structures. Despite the six-month duration required for legal paperwork, we proudly completed this ambitious project by the end of 2023, an impressive feat considering its scale and complexity.


What our valuable clients say
about us

“We had been working on our projects between 2014 and 2018. Both: prices and quality were fine”

Thomas Stout

Owner ・ AllgauDSL

“Alupro/Altruss helped us to build 35 m high tower in Saarland. The tower is excellent, although paperwork gave us all a headache!”

Volker Musebrink

Owner・Intersaar GmbH

“We have made several projects together including a small tower on Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen. Process went smoothly.”

Patrick Schaub

Owner・FMS Internetservice GmbH