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At Altruss, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions for the telecommunications sector, catering to both top-tier quality and cost-effectiveness. Our focus lies primarily on support structures, including guyed masts, freestanding towers, wall-mounted masts, ballast masts, and more.

Our portfolio spans heights ranging from 2 to 120 meters, accommodating various requirements, from multisector GSM antenna solutions to single small radiolink dishes.

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Our core competences


We specialize in the production of aluminum truss masts and towers, as well as steel towers tailored for various applications such as radiocommunication, lighting, measurement, and general-purpose truss constructions like highway truss gates. Leveraging advanced technology, we have the capability to fabricate masts reaching heights of up to 160 meters and aluminum towers up to 40 meters, and steel towers up to 60 meters. Our product line encompasses a range of options, from the economical M400 mast series, which reaches heights of up to 24 meters, to the sophisticated ML1000 comfort aluminum mast featuring an internal ladder system, capable of reaching heights of up to 160 meters.

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We offer installation services for our products, including radio masts and towers, at our clients’ locations. Our experienced team is capable of traveling to any European destination with your newly acquired Altruss mast or tower and assembling it on-site. Throughout the installation process, you can expect assistance and supervision from a certified European Construction Site Inspector to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. Additionally, we provide comprehensive servicing for our constructions, as well as for other brands, which includes work at heights, antenna and cable installation, and dismantling of obsolete masts and towers.

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Altruss is an expert in engineering and manufacturing stage solutions that can stand alone or seamlessly integrate with existing products from other brands. Our products are compatible with renowned systems such as Milos Prolyte, EuroTruss, GlobalTruss, and AluStage, with specific connection types as needed. Our expertise lies in a variety of truss configurations, including tri and quadro trusses, angular trusses, truss wheels, bent (curved) trusses, and customized truss solutions tailored to fit specific spaces, such as fixed installations for discos. We maintain close collaboration with interior designers to ensure our solutions meet aesthetic and functional requirements.

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We deliver on-demand truss solutions engineering services, providing expertise in addressing architectural, stage, or truss design challenges. Utilizing tools such as 3D modeling, static calculations with Autodesk Robot, and FEM (Finite Elements Method) analysis, we ensure the integrity of our designs. Our engineers are committed to providing comprehensive support and assistance. We collaborate closely with Architectural Design Offices, offering all necessary materials for integration into our clients’ projects, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for separate masts or towers design phases. Reach out to Altruss for professional assistance.

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Ballast masts

Foundation and anchoring systems


Partners in business

Our primary mission is to alleviate the burdens carried by our clients. Designing a robust network requires extensive engineering expertise and technical knowledge. We aim to empower our clients to focus on the core aspects of their business while leveraging our products and skills to address support structure requirements. With a strong presence in the building industry, land engineering, and the design and production of large physical structures, our capabilities surpass the daily operations of telecommunication companies.

When embarking on a new project, why not entrust Altruss to manage all construction works and deliver needed masts/towers? With 15 years of experience in the industry, we have refined our solutions to eliminate design flaws commonly associated with newcomers. Our comprehensive understanding of the risks involved in high-rise construction enables us to implement production control measures such as TUV VT2 oversight.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our low rate of warranty claims, which stands at less than 1% for large masts and towers.

Darius Wojciechowski - Owner at Altruss
Darius Wojciechowski – Owner at Altruss

Why hire Altruss

We have assembled a highly skilled team of experts specializing in the niche yet crucial domain of masts and towers. At Altruss, we seamlessly integrate robust project management practices with competitive pricing policies, offering end-to-end solutions from the design phase to on-site mast construction.

Operating across the entirety of the European Union, our multilingual staff is fluent in English and adept at navigating diverse legal systems. We stand ready to bridge the gap in markets where companies like ours are scarce, providing invaluable services in regions where skilled labor is not readily available.

With stringent quality and process controls in place, including TUV Rheinland VT2 supervision, we ensure that every aspect of our projects meets the highest standards of excellence. Our extensive experience working in various EU countries further underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional results across diverse environments and contexts.

Michał Kubiak – owner at Altruss


The most important processes and control mechanism


Raw aluminium storage

Every delivery from aluminium foundry differs in product specifications (eg metal tensile strength) and possibly quality. To be able to track problems these material batches need to be kept separated and properly marked.

  • We use 3 separated storage areas to keep AW6082, AW6060 and AW6063 aluminium types apart
  • Within every area there are shelves that separate different deliveries


Welding control

Welding quality is key to safe product. Welders must be aware of welding instructions for each product, must be supervised and finally welds must be checked. During metal processing aluminium types must not be mixed randomly as all grades join well.

  • Every product has welding instructions avaliable at welding station
  • Hierarchy of employees facilitate control and correction
  • Around 30% of each product batch goes through visual inspection performed in accordance to TUV VT2 specification


Design up to EU norms

Another important factor of safety is project itself. All our designs go through static calculation and verification with EU certified civil engineer. We do perform our checks in accordance to Eurocode norms with local amendments (if needed).

  • All designs are made in 3D CAD environment
  • All our designs go through Autodesk Robot and FEM analysis
  • If requested Altruss can deliver all calculations for planning permission process for most of EU member states

15 years in business translates to…


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Countries where Altruss masts and towers
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Grow with Altruss

We are continually seeking business partnerships across the EU. Are you involved in the telecommunications industry? Consider earning by reselling our products and services through your distribution channels! We believe that local businesses have an edge in their respective markets due to their proximity to customers and their understanding of local needs. At Altruss, we are renowned for our customization capabilities. Perhaps together, we can create a successful business venture. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Do you manufacture masts and towers like we do? Why not collaborate to double our production capacity and pursue deals larger than what we could handle individually? Have you ever had to pass up on a tender because the workload exceeded your production capabilities? We don’t see you as competition; instead, we view this as an opportunity to grow the market together. Let’s join forces and achieve greater success.

If you’re an ISP (Internet Service Provider) finding your current services too costly, get in touch with us. With our physical presence in the new EU, we’re confident we can provide prices that are unprecedented in the old EU countries. We sell and install our products across Europe, so whether you require a 40-meter freestanding tower or any other solution, don’t hesitate to request a quotation if you’re concerned about affordability in your local market.

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