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Most Significant Masts and Towers
Installations by Altruss //PART4

Steel lattice tower T1000-35 Illingen (DE)

The process of installing this structure proved to be fascinating, encompassing a comprehensive range of services from design and static calculations to the actual construction of the tower. Situated atop a picturesque hill in a serene rural area just a few miles from Illingen, the tower boasts two outer working platforms and serves the purpose of WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) operations.

An interesting tidbit is that our client undertook the task of cultivating an apple orchard as part of environmental compensation in order to obtain the permit for tower construction. Despite the hurdles encountered along the way, the endeavor paid off.

Steel Econo Truss Tower (T500-35) – located near Belchatow (PL)

The conception of this design arose from a set of unique constraints. Tasked with erecting a tower of considerable height—35 meters—within a confined space of just 4.5 meters at the base, our approach was strategic. The challenge was further compounded by the proximity of two adjacent buildings, and need to fit into space between them.

Opting for a steel construction was a natural choice given its superior Young’s modulus, rendering it more resilient to structural demands of narrow base. To address the constraints while maintaining proper rate of tapper, we devised a solution: employing upper segments with a width of as low ad 500mm. This approach enabled us to fabricate a lightweight steel tower weighing in at a mere 1200 kg, all while achieving a height of 35 meters. Additionally, the design incorporates an outer ladder configuration, enhancing accessibility and usability.

T1000-15 aluminum truss tower near Wertach (DE)

This project was undertaken for our esteemed client, AllgauDSL, based in Germany. Employing the standard T1000 geometry with an internal ladder, the development was the very first in Germany for us. Leveraging favorable ground conditions, we opted for Krinner ground screws as the foundation—a choice that marked our inaugural installation of a tower supported by ground screws.

Subsequent to this, recognizing the efficacy and versatility of ground screws, we have expanded our offerings to include a range of sizes tailored for diverse applications across the European Union. So if you need a non-typical ground screw – we are good place to ask.

T500-12 attice tower in spanish mountains

This is as far west (south-west actually) as we ever installed our masts and towers within EU. Small tower, basic installation, beautiful place. Since this is an old example – we do not make this geometry any more. This tappered and straight portions mixed together didn’t look good (although worked well). Now we are after more symmetrical designs that tapper across the whole height up to last section.

M500-12 Wall mounted mast in Forbach (FR)

Our very first installation in France, this wall mounted mast secured radiolink connection between Forbach and Saarbruecken. Easy, straightforward installation, and we are proud of installations that it is hard to tell story about. It usually means that all went well with no problems. We like no problems.

T1000-45 truss tower in Warsaw (PL)

We were hired by polish Police Departament of Communication (via Skanska, a general developer) to build this quite high tower in the city center.

We used design from other bureau – but production, foundation, assembly and erections were all made by Altruss. We have also delivered the telecommunication container + foundation for it.


What our valuable clients say
about us

“We had been working on our projects between 2014 and 2018. Both: prices and quality were fine”

Thomas Stout

Owner ・ AllgauDSL

“Alupro/Altruss helped us to build 35 m high tower in Saarland. The tower is excellent, although paperwork gave us all a headache!”

Volker Musebrink

Owner・Intersaar GmbH

“We have made several projects together including a small tower on Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen. Process went smoothly.”

Patrick Schaub

Owner・FMS Internetservice GmbH