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Altruss a brief history

Darek Wokciechowski, original business founder started in masts and towers branch around 2005 and grew until 2012 when ownership changes established Altruss in current form in 2014 (Warsaw, Poland). We have started as aluminium metal processing business renting our first location in Zeran district of Warsaw. Due to constant growth we decided to rent much bigger space outside town, near Radzymin city where production in currently happening. Meanwhile we have fucused mostly on telecommunication business making support structures for radiolinks, sectorial and omnidirectional antennas in all possible shapes and forms – from small ballast masts, through guyed masts up to 60m high freestanding towers.

Thanks to further growth we were able to secure 15 000 square meters parcel near Warsaw, Poland where our new production facility will be built. The new warehouse and office spaces shall be ready for use by 2028.

Altruss is an export subbrand of AluPro. As we started more cooperations with foreign clients it started to be obvious that we have to launch English webpage and find name that encapsulates our mission. Al stands for aluminium and truss – well for truss, and truss we do.


Synergy in business

AluPro/Altruss is a joint venture of two businessmen – each excelling in different area of business.
Darius Wojciechowski (left) is an engineer – finished Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Aviation. His great understand of static engineering translates into creative and optimal solutions delivered by Altruss. Darius models his designs in 3d CAD software is also trained TUV supervisor for weldments. Besides design he also organises all installations of our products .

Michal Kubiak (right) is a Master of Science in three faculties: Law, Environmental Science and Journalism. Most of his career was in marketing though. In Altruss Michal is responsible for, well, marketing, human resources, client service and warehouse production organisation.

Altruss is a place where high quality engineering meets business excellence.


Areas of Altruss Expertise

We produce Masts and Towers

Our production covers masts from 250 mm wide through 500, 750 up to 1000 mm and heights from 6 to 120 meters. M1000 masts have wide range of dedicated accessories that make this mast series one of better equipped worldwide. Our freestanding towers range from 10 up to 60 meters high and use various geometries fit for planned load. Although we are aluminium focused – for special demand all our products may be executed in hot-dip zinc steel.

We do install Masts and Towers worldwide

Our truss masts work in the most remote parts of the world including Faroe Islands, French Guyana, Ghana, Sudan, Bahamas and most of European Union countries including Italy, Germany, Spain and more.
We sell complete solution that is hardware and installation. We are experienced in working abroad – so you don’t have to worry about cultural and legal barriers. Especially in EU we are self sufficient and bring all installation tools and materials with us for simple and quick service.

We produce on demand designs

Altruss gathers talents including top civil engineers doing design and paperwork towards planning permissions. We do have our land surveyors and contracted site managers. All these people can prepare project that are both thrifty and practical. High level of metal mass optimisation allows us to offer products with great prices not sacrificing safety (thanks to extensive FEM computer analysis). Bring us your case – we are sure we will be back with tailor cut solution.

We provide aluminium truss beams for stage

Since we are good at truss beams – they are main component of most of our designs – we are also present on stage, clubs and theatres market. We are best at custom made solutions starting from exhibitions/museums permanent truss installations finishing with stage designs for theatre performances. Don’t hesitate to contact us with non-standard requests for aluminium truss and plates designs.