Altruss - truss systems specialists

Altruss produces aluminum masts, truss towers and complete set of accessories. Our products are used for WIFI, WiMAX or UMTS radio infrastructure, as measurement towers, as lighting towers (construction sites, temporaty lighting for concerts). We specialize in truss constructions, aluminum stage products and in advertising business solutions.

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We produce aluminum truss masts and towers, as well as steel towers for radiocommunication, lighting towers, measurement towers, general purpose truss constructions (eg highway truss gates). The technology we currently employ allows us to build masts as high as 160 meters and towers up to 40 meters (aluminum) and 60 meters (steel). Our products line starts with economic M400 mast series (up to 24 meters) and ends on ML1000 comfort aluminum mast with inside ladder system (up to 160 meters).

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Service and Installation

We do install our products at client's location (radio masts and towers). We can bring our team to any european location, along with freshly bougt Altruss mast or tower and build it for you. We can ensure help and controll from certified European Construction Site Inspector. We service our constructions (and other brands as well), do works at heights, install antennas and cables, do dismantling of obsolete masts and towers.

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Stage / Theater

We engineer and produce stage solutions, standalone or designed to extend functions of existing products by other brands. Our products are compatibile with Milos Prolyte, EuroTruss, GlobalTruss and AluStage systems (you need to specify what type of connection is needed). We specialise in tri and quadro trusses, angular trusses, truss wheels, bent (curved) trusses and finally truss solutions made to fit certain spaces (fixed installations for discos). We closely cooperate with interior designers.

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Design Office

We do on-demand truss solutions engineering. You may bring architectural, stage, or truss design problem, and we shall be able to produce a working solution. We do 3D modeling, static calculations (Autodesk Robot), FEM (Finite Elements Method) analysis to make sure our ideas are sound. You can even outsource such tasks from your projects on us, simply to save precious time and money. Our certified engineers will be more than happy to help. We work with Architectural Design Offices to provide all materials to copy-paste into our Client's projects. No need to go through masts or towers design phase - simply ask Altruss for help.

Our Clients Opinion (For Altruss team a passion for engineering is a starting point for superior products creation)