These projects may inspire you, or simply show what type of work can be done with Altruss

Altruss Tower in Spain

Altruss products work in many countries already including Gabon in Africa, but mainly in Europe e.g. Irland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Estonia. This gallery show a Altruss tower in beautiful location in Pyrenees slope.

Storage House Roofing

Roofing business and aluminum terrace constructions are not our core business, but we decided to take deal shown here since we could smartly use truss support construction. This time we designed the looks (and made visualisations) inhouse

Measurement mast 100 meteres in height

Altruss over the course of years had oportunity to build really high constructions. This here is a measurement mast of 100 meters in height. Currently our technology lets us build masts up to 160 meters

Pipe mast on a historic building in Breslau

In June 2012 we have received quite untipical order for pipe mast (not much of them are built nowadays) in for a historical railroad station building in Breslau. The house structure caused the need to transfer forces down the building (from the roof) so set of special supports was developed and installed. We were impressed by the beautiful looks of finished project.