Wellcome to Altruss

We are fast growing European company of nearly 10 years experience in truss engineering and production. We specialize in the pinnacle of truss business which would be radio and measurement towers of up to 160 meters in height. If we can accomplish such a task, you are safe to trust us in anything smaller.
Altruss is a midsized company of less than 20 people. This is a great size to deliver high quality products, scalability and tailor cut solutions because we can react quickly – less procedures, less hands to pass decisions on people who finally do the product.
All our products are calculated to at least meet Eurocode norms, and at this point we can offer best-buy prices, but if you like long lasting, rock solid constructions that are virtually indestructible – let us know. Every product can be reinforced for harshest imaginable real world conditions, that are not covered by norms, but could happen. This may be important in coming years of fast changing climate. Fierce winters, storms, high winds might be our new reality. As they say, better safe than sorry.

Darius JewartowskiChief Welding Engineer

Mr Jewartowsky is a high class specialist in field of welding technology. In Altruss he is responsible for visual check of welds, general quality controll, he introduces new technologies as well. He is a Polytechnic of Danzig postgraduate in field of Mechanics and Machines Building. Since then he turned into welding business, around 2004 gained EWE and IVE certificates, next in 2006 added VT od second degree to that. As chief welding engineer worked in numerous companies including INTEK and TECHMOR (shipyard cooperative company). Works for Altruss since mid 2014.

Piotr KopczyńskiChief Designer

Peter is a certified designer. He does static calculations in Altruss, all legal stuff regarding planning permissions, He gathers and updates our knowledge of changes in Eurocode and local new regualtions. He is Danzig Polytechnic postgraduate, same faculty as Darius Jewartowski. Peter is certified constructor, can be appointed as construction manager without limitations. Since 1996 worked with masts and towers design and construction. This year was a start of commercial GSM in Poland so great demand on such constructions kept him busy for nearly 10 years. He used to work for all main players in this field, that is Orange (TPSA at the time), T-mobile (Era back then) and Polkomtel. Next he worked for Ericsson as a designer, his most memorable work being Baltic Beta oil rig masts. Untill now over 1000 projects were succesfully done by Peter. Works with Altruss since 2009.

Michael KubiakMarketing Manager

Michael is a marketing specialist responsible for Altruss business development and business relations. In 2002 graduated University of Warsaw, Faculty of Journalism. In nineties worked as a journalist in Sigma-NOT publishing company, GT-Tuning (photographer) and Biuletyn Bankowy - as new technology specialist. Later joined advertising business to work in specialised consulting agencies serving such clients as Microsoft, GM, GlaxoSmithKline, Honda, Citroen, EasyJet, TUI, Henkel. In 2013 joined Altruss to ensure company growth and safe future.

Dariusz WojciechowskiChief Engineer

Darius is a main technology pillar of Altruss, coordinates production, designs our products and helps clinets. He works as an engineer for over 12 years, and in truss business for 8. He is Polytechnic of Warsaw postgraduate (Mechanics and Aircraft building faculty). Started his career in the USA, as a test flight engineer in Dragonfly Pictures. Back in Poland he turned to high pressure systems and worked for Kaeser Kompressoren. After that he started his first truss production company , that is ELMAX which specialised in towers and radio masts for wireless communication. Altruss/Alupro is his current and latest child.